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I keep getting this error whenever going to the beef bowl place with Yuichi; is this a known problem?

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While loading <'Image' 'BGs/beef.jpg'>:
File "game/script.rpy", line 4492, in script
aya "I wonder why he's never had a girlfriend before..."
IOError: Couldn't find file 'BGs/beef.jpg'.

Nice game! :D The comments editing on this site always takes to the same page from profile interesting. :O

I was a bit upset with yuka's ending, felt half-through :o

This was an interesting departure from most multiroute VNs... we get accustomed to all routes ending just about as well as one another, plus maybe one True Ending which somehow fixes all the problems in all the others. This game is more complicated. I'm not genuinely sure how I feel about this particular execution but I enjoyed having a different experience than what I expected, to give me something to think about in future. Also, the grandpa scenes were a nice and touching thing to include.

Fun VN. I played all the routes. Engaging storytelling, very queer friendly. Engaging music and all the characters are fun to engage with. I also appreciate how the main character progresses throughout the VN.


Sorry if this is a weird question, but I got the game in the RJ bundle, and I was wondering - if I wanted the mature version, should I purchase it separately, or is there a patch? (I haven't downloaded it yet, trying to sort it all first)


any boy on boy romance in this

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Hey, uhm, I just played this game (well I played one of the routes, Nanami's) as I got it in the Racial Justice Bundle & I just have to say what a phenomenal job you did with this. I've been playing VNs since High School & this might be the best VN I have ever played - certainly among the top ever. Phenomenal job with the writing & character development. 

Thanks so much for your kind comment :)

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hey! I swear I fixed this for the steam version, I might’ve forgotten to update it. Shoot me an email at!