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I liked this game a lot! I really appreciated the presence of all sorts of queer people, well written, and how they interact with each other. I feel like there is place to other chapters. The drawings are excellent too and nb people are represented well. Cool music, it adds fun!

There is some bugs, when we see the spaceship moving, the game is slowing down and renpy isn't responding, but if you wait like 20 seconds then it goes on.

Ok, I'm gonna eat some eggs and bacon now! :)


An absolutely fantastic VN! The art, the sheer volume of amazing representation, the writing, it's damn near perfect. A great showing by you guys, and it's certainly got me excited for more!

Will there be a mac version?

I forgot about mac! If you promise to leave your thoughts here, I'll do a mac build for ya!

Thank you! I will leave a comment when I get around to playing through the game!

When are you going to upload the mac build?

whats the cheat code to fuck the matriarch