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I run in a exception at the end of game:

While loading <'Image' 'BGs/credits1.png'>:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 4701, in script
    with dissolve
IOError: Couldn't find file 'BGs/credits1.png'.

I check in the game\images\BGs folder, and the credits1.png file is missing.
And it's not in the archive I download from here.

Thanks for the version 3.0 update, and the Linux version!

On Linux, the game refuses to run because of some missing "executable" permissions; this is easily fixed:

cd AWCA-3.0-all/AWCA-3.0-all/ # strange nested folder ;-)

chmod +x lib/linux-x86_64/AWCA lib/linux-i686/AWCA

(I guess the zipfile was created on a Windows box, which has no notion of "executable" mode bits...)

Hi! I got this game as a gift from a friend; Am I eligible for a Steam key as well? Thank you!

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Information online seems to vary. should show a 'request key' button either on the main AWCA page, the Download page or on your purchases page.

If it still does not appear, please email me from your paypal email address at and I'll send a code.

EDIT - I'm showing some redeemed keys, so it must be possible!

Can you post a 32bits build, please?

Thank you!

Hi Tetxisk,

Though the build currently should work on both 64 and 32, I can upload another just for 32. Which platform did you need?

Thanks for your answer. I'm on Windows 7, and the game doesn't launch, saying it's a 32/64bit problem.

Thanks. I'm currently out of town, with no access to the builds. Send me an email at and I'll send one as soon as I'm back.